Royal Palace of Madrid

Private Guided Tour Royal Palace Madrid

Did you know that the Royal Palace of Madrid is the largest of its kind in Western Europe? You probably want proof, so here are some facts:

+ Over 135,000 m2
+ 3,418 rooms
+ 8 floors
+ Hundreds of works of art: paintings, sculptures, tapestries, desks, mirrors, clocks and more

Pretty spectacular. And it looks small on the outside, right?

But I’m certain that you already knew all of this.

Now picture yourself climbing these magnificent steps and walking through every room in the palace, including the Gala Dining Hall, the Throne Room and the Crown Room. Everything is illuminated with chandeliers and the surrounding walls are lined with porcelain, silk or fine wood paneling. Discover some of the unique collections that can be found at the Royal Palace.

But, isn’t something missing?

Learn. Explore. Feel. Experience.

This is what I offer. Information can be found anywhere, but what about bedoming immersed in the history of this palace?

For example, why is it made solely of stone? Why do two chairs stand out in the Gala Dining Room? How many guests can be seated at the table? Why are the initials and effigies of Spain’s current monarchs nowhere to be seen? Has this always been the Royal Palace? A clockmaker king? And another one sneaking out through the window?

About the tour

  • Price: €35 per person (palace admission not included)
  • 90-minute private tour
  • The reservation is confirmed when you receive my email message