Must-sees at Prado Museum

Guided tour at Prado Museum

When you walk into a museum, there are certain pieces you know you shouldn’t skip because someone told you about them, you read about them online or you learned about them in school.

But two hours later, after staring at countless paintings and sculptures, you feel lost, tired and frustrated because it all seems to have been a waste of time and you don’t understand what makes the artwork special.

A few more facts to top things off

Did you know that Prado Museum has more than 1,500 pieces on display in over 100 rooms?

That it is the best art museum in Europe? That it houses pieces dating back to between the 12th the 19th centuries?

That it features works by Spanish painters such as Juan de Juanes, Velázquez, Goya and Sorolla, and foreign artists like Rubens, Titian and Hieronymus Bosch?

Now close your eyes and imagine that you are there. Amazing, right?

Prado Museum can feel overwhelming.

But I have good news for you

It also boasts interesting tales and secrets that are easily discovered. How? With me, of course!

Here’s an example. What if I told you that a piece of jewelry that belonged to Spanish monarchs and Elizabeth Taylor appears in some of the paintings by Velázquez?

Or that Goya’s Black Paintings were exhibited at the Universal Exhibition of Paris in 1878 to sell them? In that case, what are they doing at the museum?

“Despite visiting Museo del Prado many times on our own, she has taught us a great deal about the paintings and their historical context. Her explanations are clear, interesting, amusing and 100% professional. Thank you, Cristina, for transforming an ordinary Sunday into something fantastic.” Mercedes

A painting is more than just paint

Visit Museo del Prado with a different perspective. Yes, we’ll talk about art, but a painting is more than just paint. It is also fashion, history, philosophy and society.

We will step back in time so you can decide how much, or how little, we have changed through the centuries.

Gaze at your reflection in Las Meninas, feel the fear in The garden of earthly delights, and fight the battle waged in the Third of May.

Above all, don’t waste your free time wandering around. Instead, spend it learning and enjoying yourself.

“This amazing activity revealed many aspects that usually go unnoticed. Time flew by and we simply wanted to continue learning more.” Javier

About the tour

  • Price: €35 per person (museum admission not included)
  • 90-minute private tour
  • The reservation is confirmed when you receive my email message